Learning with Your Music Learn is never boring!

Learning to play has never been easier. Follow the lessons directly from your computer and review the videos whenever you feel the need to go back over certain topics and techniques.


The lessons in the course are not just about theory. You'll also have many videos that will make you do practical exercises. Trying and trying again is the best way to learn! You will be able to see and review, experiment and improve whenever you consider it appropriate!


I'll teach you an infallible method that I myself used to learn my piano technique. Once assimilated, you'll be able to correct yourself and in no time you'll become a true pianist; you'll see that it is much simpler and more exciting than you imagine!


How does our method work? In a simple but effective way: I'll let you "inside the music" gradually. Step by step, together, to discover, learn, try, experiment and in a short time... play! You'll become a true pianist in no time!


With Your Music Learn you can learn gradually, develop and refine "your" piano technique. It is mastery of the technique that will allow you to become a good pianist: it is the means through which you'll come to play many different pieces!

What our Students say...

This website is like an oasis in the desert. You’re a terrific teacher, clear, precise and exhausting the subject to the last detail. Your method, combined with my desire to learn the piano and keyboard, have prompted me to subscribe.

I highly recommend these courses to anyone who is looking for an easy and cheap solution to the necessity of learning music. Thank you and congratulations,  you are about to fulfil one of my dreams.
Marco Matteo

Hi – I’ve just subscribed and I believe I hit a home run with this website! Your online classes are awfully clear. I’ve self-taught the piano in the last few years, but seeing your videos with a human approach is a completely different story.

It was an incredible experience! What I like about your teaching method is the simplicity and the fact that you are not (like the teachers in schools!) verbose: straight to the point, as it should be in all things.
Gallo dj

This website is much much better than the academy, at least I’m not wasting my time! I wish I could find a weak spot of the lessons to be able to criticize your work, but it’s impossible, you keep on being awesome!

I’ve just begun to play the keyboards and your lessons are extremely helpful! I searched for online piano lessons and found you by chance, now I’ve begun to watch your videos and renew my congratulations .
Mario Bianchi

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