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I’m more and more able to play to my own taste...

I’m 18 and it’s been a long time since I wanted to learn to play the piano. Now with your website’s video-lessons I’m more and more able to play many pieces to my own taste. Your explaining method is extremely clear even for a newbie, who can gradually learn to write some music.
What struck me the most was the improvements one can reach in a very short time and the teacher’s ability to inspire: this spurs me to always catch up on the lessons.

NICKO  //  Premium Member

Impossible not to understand, believe me...

Internet led me to know about Your Music Learn. Curious, I immediately listened to a video lesson; pleasantly impressed, without hesitating too much, I signed up for Premium Membership - if I may say, the cost is really low or in any case infinitely lower than just one private lesson with a music teacher. First of all, I had full collaboration from Francesco, who patiently answered each of my questions and suggested the right study path for me. But the real revelation was the video lessons: impossible not to understand, believe me: his teaching method is exceptional. I also discovered the world of online learning (I was very hesitant !!) with great surprise, experiencing the benefits first-hand: I decide when to listen to the lessons, comfortably at home and, more importantly, whenever a concept is not clear (rarely, thanks to Francesco's ability), without any qualms (sometimes, vis à vis which we are ashamed to ask for an explanation again), I go back and listen to the lesson again or I just dwell on the point that interests me. Complete with educational material to download easily, I have the opportunity to practise daily.

Just found this site, whenever I read a testimony, I smiled imagining of something ‘fake’ and artefact … and yet, here I am writing and describing my enthusiasm and my surprise.

IRENE DE NICOLÒ  //  Premium Member

An extraordinary experience...

I'm a former student of the Milan Conservatory. It was an extraordinary experience for me to enter this site. I signed up after studying the three piano videos accessible to everyone. Later in the course, I came across other surprising teachings, such as not putting your thumb under your hand. In fact, during my private lessons, nobody had ever told me about weight distribution or correct placement of the thumb ... Once I started the course I saw that everything is done with real enthusiasm and competence; the student is considered as in Anglo-Saxon teaching: he/she is the centre of everything and all the appropriate tools are given in a scientific, concise and understandable way. But even if a student intends to stop early, he/she will still have a formidable outline of technique which will always be useful, for both pop and classical music, without forgetting that there will be many hours of study and that when it comes to adding them up you'll need a calculator.

ALBERTO MARCHESINI  //  Premium Member



To develop the technique and play complete pieces at the piano, to understand the harmony and apply it to your compositions, to learn theory and music reading.


Several shots of the keyboard to figure it all out in detail, with the sheet music video and special diagrams so that each topic is learnt at its best.


Each exercise of music reading is supported by a sound file to be able to try again and again. This way, you’re sure to learn to read correctly.

47 PDF

Summary diagrams, pieces to play, examples for practising, but especially hundreds of music reading exercises specifically written for learning in depth.


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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I access the piano courses?

You can access all piano courses with the Premium Membership which is non-binding and can be cancelled at any time. For more info, visit

Is it possible to learn with video courses?

Of course! In recent years thousands of people have managed to learn to play. These courses allow you to learn gradually and easily, getting better every day.

Are these courses suitable for all ages?

Yes! The courses were designed to be used by all adults, from the ages of 14 to 99.

How can I cancel my membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time from

Which course is best suited to my needs?

If you want to learn to play by reading sheet music, choose the classical piano course.
If you want to learn to play by making the best use of chords, choose the modern piano course.
If you want to learn to play as completely as possible, choose the full piano course.

Can I take courses whenever I want?

Of course! You can follow the lessons as many times as you want, at any time of day and night, and on any device.


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