Terms and Conditions

These are Terms and Conditions of the Your Music Learn.

The subscrption to the website yourmusiclearn.com can be both paid and free, depending on the necessities of the user.

The Free Membership gives access to a “free” account that lets you:

  • Access the free video lessons
  • Comment the posts
  • Receive the news from the blog to your email
  • Benefit from other content not allowed to the “guest” readers

The paid membership (Premium Membership) allows you to access the reserved learning material from the blog such as:

  • Reserved video lessons
  • Reserved podcasts
  • Reserved articles

Periodically, more special profiles can be added based on the didactic and long term editorial goals of the website.

A $29 monthly subcription fee is required for the Premium Membership, and it allows you to:

  • Access the content previously listed
  • Comment on the posts
  • Receive the website news at your email address
  • Benefit from all the perks and advantages of having a Premium Membership

The subscription to the Premium Membership has a monthly duration and automatically renews at the end of each month. If the user does not want to renew the subscription, they can cancel directly from their PayPal account.

The system will make the payment automatically using PayPal. If at the end of the month the system doesn’t find sufficient funds to cover the subscription expense, it will try again after three days. If the second try does not find sufficient funds ($29), it will try again after three days. If the third try does not go through, and the payment hasn’t happened yet, the Premium account is closed and access to the site as a Premium member is blocked, while the free account does not cease to exist.

If the user does not wish to renew his subscription, he can cancel at any moment. It is possible to cancel the subscription using one of these 2 ways:

  1. from the personal Paypal account page
  2. directly from this link

By clicking on the link above you will redirect to the “Unsubscribe from the Premium Membership” Page.
Just click on the “Unsubscribe” button to execute the deletion.