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What does it mean to be a Premium Member?

Being a Premium Member means to be in all aspects a student of the Your Music Learn School and being able to study in detail all the subjects dealt with, having access to all the video lessons and the reserved learning material.

Furthermore people who enter the Premium Membership can take advantage of different study plans to customize their educational path.

Each lessons leads me to learn something new and improve myself.
~ Leo, Premium Member

Great! This website is like an osasis in the desert.
~ Freddy80, Premium Member

What are the main advantages of being a Premium Member?

    Possibility to gain instant access to all the reserved learning material: the video lessons, the audio podcasts and the pdf files of all of the courses.
    You will also get instant access to the new video lessons that are published periodically.
    A lot of practice and little theory (or only the required amount). On my website the music isn’t learnt with tedious rules, but with much practice. And the theoretical part is studied through a logical path that stimulates enthusiasm and creativity in the student.
    Having a musical reference: if you will become part of the School, by subscribing to the premium Membership, you can count on me to better understand the video lessons. For example, if a part of a lesson is unclear to you, you can send me an email and I’ll try to answer your questions.
    Learning music from the comfort of home: Unlike traditional schools of music, where you have to go through the traffic, have to find a parking spot, and so on, with my school you can study music in slippers sitting comfortably at home.
    Complete freedom of time: with the traditional courses you have to respect specific times. In addition, the courses are attended by more people and often, because of shyness or for the short time available, students are afraid to ask for explanations on some concepts that might be unclear, ending up by having understood little or nothing.
    With the video lessons of YML you will overcome these two obstacles at the same time:

    • You can watch the video lessons at any time of the day or night depending on your time availability!
    • you can review the video lessons whenever you want, even after many days, so that you can fully understand everything!

    What is the learning material to which you can access by subscribing to the Premium Membership?


    110 video lessons

    To develop the technique and play complete pieces at the piano, to fully understand the harmony and apply it to your compositions, to seriously learn theory and music reading.


    515 learning videos

    Several shots of the keyboard to figure it all out in detail, with the score video and special diagrams so that each topic is learnt and clarified at best.


    161 audio podcasts

    Each exercise of music reading is supported by a sound file to be able to try again and again. So you’re sure to learn to read correctly, even sitting at home.


    45 PDF files

    Summary diagrams, pieces to play, examples of composition, but especially hundreds of new exercises to learn music reading, written for each topic in depth.


    52 hours of lesson

    … That will increase more and more over time. In fact, new lessons are added periodically to which you can access immediately. The site is constantly evolving!

    How much is the monthly subscription to the Premium Membership?

    Unlike most schools of music, in which the monthly fee varies from 75 to 120 euro, studying music with our school costs less than a coffee a day (about 97 cents).

    In fact, the monthly Premium Membership costs only $29.

    I highly reccomend these courses to anyone who is looking for an easy and cheap solution to the necessity of learning music. Thank you, you are about to fulfill one of my dreams.

    ~ Marco Matteo, Premium Member

    How to subscribe to the Premium Membership?

    Again Your Music Learn offers transparency, reliability and safety. In fact, the payments are handled through Paypal, the most secure and reliable payment service in the world.

    How to make the payment if you do not have a PayPal account? In this case you have 2 options:

    1. you can use your credit card
    2. you can use a rechargeable card

    For more information, please contact us from this page.


    What do the students who have already tried the Premium Membership have to say?

    flavioI must admit I’m avid about your way of teaching and how you set up the study program. Learning to play the piano at my age (60) isn’t really that easy (I sometimes can’t practice daily or follow the courses in a regular way). Nevertheless, thanks to your constant drive and your simple and linear teaching skills, I can always pick right up from where I left, barely noticing I have been gone at all.

    ~ Pio, Premium Member

    nicko1I’m 18 and it’s been a long time since I wanted to learn to write music. Now with your website’s video-lessons I’m more and more able to create some music to my own taste. Your explaining method is extremely clear even for a newbie, who can gradually learn to write some music.
    What struck me the most was the improvements one can reach in a very short time and the teacher’s ability to inspire: this spurs me to always catch up on the lessons.

    ~ Nicko, Premium Member

    irene1Just found this site, whenever I read a testimony, I smiled imagining of something ‘fake’ and artefact … and yet, here I am writing and describing my enthusiasm and my surprise. The video lessons have been a revelation: It’s impossible to NOT understand, trust me, his teaching method is truly great!

    ~ Irene De Nicolo, Premium Member

    albertook1I’m a former student of Musical Composition at the Academy of Music of Milan. It has been an amazing experience to find this website:
    Once I got into these lessons I realized that everything is done with a professional yet enthusiastic approach, treating the student much like one would in the UK: placing him at the centre of the lesson, giving him the appropriate tools to work with.

    ~ Alberto Marchesini, Premium Member

    Join us to be part of the Premium Membership!

    1. If you are a Free member upgrade to the Premium Membership.

    2. If you have not yet registered with the site.


    The subscription to the Premium Memership has a monthly duration and automatically renews at the end of each month. If the user does not want to renew the subscription, they can cancel directly from their PayPal account.
    The system will make the payment automatically using PayPal. If at the end of the month the system doesn’t find sufficient funds to cover the subscription expense, it will try again after three days. If the second try does not find sufficient funds ($29), it will try again after three days. If the third try does not go through, and the payment hasn’t happened yet, the Premium account is closed and access to the site as a Premium member is blocked, while the free account does not cease to exist and can still be used as a regular free member.

    If the user does not wish to renew his subscription, he can cancel at any moment. It is possible to cancel the subscription using one of these 2 ways:

    1. from the personal Paypal account page
    2. directly from this link

    By clicking on the link above you will redirect to the “Unsubscribe from the Premium Membership” Page.
    Just click on the “Unsubscribe” button to execute the deletion.

    For any information, please contact us from this page.

    Frequently Ask Question (click to open)

    By subscribing to a Premium Membership can I immediately access all the lessons or are they gradually released over time?

    When you subscribe to a premium membership you have an immediate access to every video lesson already published on the website. You also gain access to all other learning material on the website (podcasts, video, files, pdfs, and so on)

    Does the Premium Membership expire at the end of the month or does it last one whole month from the moment of my subscription?

    The Premium Membership expires one month after your subscription as a Premium Student (i.e. if you register on march 12th, it’ll expire on april 12th).

    Can I at any time cancel my Premium Membership and how do I do it?

    Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time, if you don’t plan to renew your membership. To cancel the subscription right now, click here.

    I have to start from scratch because I don't know anything about music. Are these video lessons the right choice for me?

    Yes. The video lessons of Your Music Learn are meant to teach music starting from square one. No prior requirements are needed. And if you already know some stuff, these lessons can still be very useful.

    Is it possible to watch Your Music Learn videos using an iOS system (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)?

    Yes, you can view the videos on iPad and Apple devices. For more useful information click here.

    For how long can I access the lessons with a Premium Membership?

    With a Premium Membership you can access all videolessons for the whole duration of your subscription as a Premium Student. You can watch them as many times as you like and at any moment.

    Does the Premium Membership automatically renew itself or do I have to do it myself every month?

    The Premium Membership lasts one month and will automatically renew itself once it expires. The system processes the automatic payment via Paypal. If it does not find sufficient funds one the membership expires, it will try again after three days. If it does not find sufficient funds it will wait another three days and try once again. If the account does not have sufficient funds by this time it will be closed and access to the website will be prevented.

    Where can I see the list of video lessons accessible to the Premium Membership subscribers?

    To view the list of video lessons already published you can go to the Courses page following this link. New video lessons are constantly added, on every subject, so the list is under constant update.

    I can't seem to be able to view the lessons. What can I do?

    To fix the problems regarding viewing the videos please click here.

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