Learning music can change your life.

nicko50x50What struck me the most was the improvements one can reach in a very short time and the teacher’s ability to inspire: this spurs me to always catch up on the lessons.

~ Nicko

Have you ever dreamed of learning music? Has it always been too difficult understand your teachers?
Now it’s time to start again. How? Using the videolessons of Your Music Learn.

Throught a logic and gradual path, the videolessons of our website will allow you to learn music in depth, both if you want to have fun or if you want to take it seriously.

Our goal is to help anyone learn music deeply: this is why the foundation on which we chose to build our videolessons are quality, seriousness and most of all clarity.

From piano to harmony, from composing to theory and reading music, you will be guided step by step so that you can dive into the world of music.

Today learning music is in everyone’s reach. Get instant access to Your Music Learn.

Find out how to use our video lessons at the fullest, learn to navigate the website, and choose the membership that fits your personal needs.

You can follow our video lessons in two ways: the first is to use the Courses Page, where you can find the video lesson list, organized based on the various corse and the various subjects. The second way is to choose between one of the various study plans laid out for you.

In this video on the right you will find the answer to all your questions.

5 reasons to choose Your Music Learn


To learn how to play it with the correct technique. At any age.

Music Theory

To understand the fundamentals of music.


To master the world of chords, with a lot of practice.

Music Reading

To learn the musical alphabet easily and effectively.



To write your own music with more than just your ear.

Today learning music is in everyone’s reach. Get instant access to Your Music Learn.

Free Membership

Content accessible to the “free” members

15 complete lessons


To learn the basics of piano, of harmony composition, theory and reading music (solfegio).


36 learning videos


To learn music directly: watching from above a keyboard makes everything more simple!


400 minutes of lessons


More than six hours of free lesson viewing, from the comfort of your home, to begin studying music seriously right away!


The free lessons

Premium Membership

Content accessible to the “Premium” members

110 video lessons


To develop the technique and play complete pieces at the piano, to fully understand the harmony and apply it to your compositions, to seriously learn theory and music reading.


515 learning videos


Several shots of the keyboard to figure it all out in detail, with the score video and special diagrams so that each topic is learnt and clarified at best.


161 audio podcast


Each exercise of music reading is supported by a sound file to be able to try again and again. So you’re sure to learn to read correctly, even sitting at home.


45 pdf files


Summary diagrams, pieces to play, examples of composition, but especially hundreds of new exercises to learn music reading, written for each topic in depth.


52 hours of lessons


… That will increase more and more over time. In fact, new lessons are added periodically to which you can access immediately. The site is constantly evolving!



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Frequently Ask Question (click to open)

By subscribing to a Premium Membership can I immediately access all the lessons or are they gradually released over time?

When you subscribe to a premium membership you have an immediate access to every video lesson already published on the website. You also gain access to all other learning material on the website (podcasts, video, files, pdfs, and so on)

Does the Premium Membership expire at the end of the month or does it last one whole month from the moment of my subscription?

The Premium Membership expires one month after your subscription as a Premium Student (i.e. if you register on march 12th, it’ll expire on april 12th).

Can I at any time cancel my Premium Membership and how do I do it?

Yes, you can cancel your membership at any time, if you don’t plan to renew your membership. To cancel the subscription right now, click here.

I have to start from scratch because I don't know anything about music. Are these video lessons the right choice for me?

Yes. The video lessons of Your Music Learn are meant to teach music starting from square one. No prior requirements are needed. And if you already know some stuff, these lessons can still be very useful.

Is it possible to watch Your Music Learn videos using an iOS system (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch)?

Yes, you can view the videos on iPad and Apple devices. For more useful information click here.

For how long can I access the lessons with a Premium Membership?

With a Premium Membership you can access all videolessons for the whole duration of your subscription as a Premium Student. You can watch them as many times as you like and at any moment.

Does the Premium Membership automatically renew itself or do I have to do it myself every month?

The Premium Membership lasts one month and will automatically renew itself once it expires. The system processes the automatic payment via Paypal. If it does not find sufficient funds one the membership expires, it will try again after three days. If it does not find sufficient funds it will wait another three days and try once again. If the account does not have sufficient funds by this time it will be closed and access to the website will be prevented.

Where can I see the list of video lessons accessible to the Premium Membership subscribers?

To view the list of video lessons already published you can go to the Courses page following this link. New video lessons are constantly added, on every subject, so the list is under constant update.

I can't seem to be able to view the lessons. What can I do?

To fix the problems regarding viewing the videos please click here.

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