I must admit I’m avid about your way of teaching and how you set up the study program. Learning to play the piano at my age (60) isn’t really that easy (I sometimes can’t practice daily or follow the courses in a regular way). Nevertheless, thanks to your constant drive and your simple and linear teaching skills, I can always pick right up from where I left, barely noticing I have been gone at all.

~ Pio, Premium Member ~

Luca Moriconi90x107

I’m attending this online school and I’ve come to realize the progress I’ve made through practice, even though I’m sometimes behind on the lessons because of work and the fact that I’m not a kid anymore.

~ Luca Moriconi, Premium Member~

clientAfter years of darkness…. Finally, light.

~ Gepy

clientI’ve just begun to play the keyboards and your lessons are extremely helpful! Thanks a lot!

~ Setss

clientHi – I’ve just subscribed and I believe I hit a home run with this website! Your online classes are awfully clear. I’ve self-taught the piano in the last few years, but seeing your videos with a human approach is a completely different story. Congratulations on this wonderful endeavour!

~ Danny

clientFrancesco – you’re a terrific teacher, clear, precise and exhausting the subject to the last detail. Your method, combined with my desire to learn the piano and keyboard, have prompted me to subscribe immediately! Thank you.

~ Dave

clientThis website is much much better than the academy, at least I’m not wasting my time!

~ Pierangelo

clientA TRUE TEACHER: turning something difficult into something easy… Not only a great piano player, but also a really great teacher.

~ Domenico

clientI wish I could find a weak spot of the lessons to be able to criticize your work, but it’s impossible, you keep on being awesome! Your teaching flies high with the eagles. Thanks, Master!

~ Franckrock

clientI searched for online piano lessons and found you by chance, now I’ve begun to watch your videos and renew my congratulations amongst other followers of the website.

~ Mario bianchi

clientThe snippets of time I can steal for my favorite hobby are something rare these days, but it’s a beautiful feeling to always want more of your video lessons, which I find interesting and exhaustive of the subject. It’s redundant to say that you’re really good at this, even thoug I truly believe it, I’m not just to be a crawler!

~ Umberto Auriemma

clientYou are a really gifted teacher, but most of all, you teach calmly, something rare in this day and age. It’s a pleasure to watch.

~ Anna Rita

clientYour website is organized and well thought-out, since each aspect of musci and music theory is taken into account, with a deep study both of theory and practice, whithout overlooking harmony and composing, such beatiful and fascinating points of view. Attending your school allowed me to understand even the most complex music theory issue. There’s a lot of attention on Reading and sight-reading of music and piano techniques. Lastly, your lessons really pushed my musical passion and unveiled every doubt I had about the theory beihind complex music, making the study and learning of music and absolute priority! Thanks again!

~ Paola

clientI was looking for a composing teacher and I believe I have found him/her. Not only are the videos clear and thorough on treating the subject, but also the way of trasmitting a message on Francesco’s part is immediate and straight to the point. One can’t certainly be bored attending these e-classes.
Congrats Francesco!

~ Antares360

clientCongratulations! The simplicity of your ways indicates a true and deep knowledge of the subject on your part. I’ve picked up in a few moments what a long time a go took me weeks of work to learn, because those concepts were being explained in a boring and difficult way to a newbie. Keep it up!

~ Ago

client….. Turning something the mind believes to be difficult into something easy is not a task easily achievable… You have the truly rare gift of being able to simplifying the thought process needed to be able to play the piano… Congratulations yet again.

~ Salvo Greco

clientI wish I could find a teacher like you, deeply committed and thorough. My most sincere congratulations, you are an awesome teacher. If the music business had more people like you out there teaching, there’d be many more musicians around. Long live the true masters like you.

~ michelechef

clientIt’s amazing how you can explain this subject in such simple terms without leaving anything to chance. After watching these lessons I’m pretty pleased that I bought the premium service. Congratulations.

~ Peps8883

clientYour classes are like rare jewels you gift us with every week.
Thank you

~ Fernando Renna

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