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How our Courses Work

Your Music Learn courses are made up of video lessons ordered according to a logical and gradual method that make it possible to learn music, both for those who have to start from scratch and for those who already have knowledge but want to further or improve it.

Sometimes the same video lessons can be present in several courses (for example the piano technique lessons are found both in the classical piano course, the modern piano course, the full course, etc.).

Do you want advice for choosing the most suitable course for you?

Contact me by clicking here: I will be happy to help you choose the course that best suits your needs and your personality.

Since many subjects are often connected to each other in music, some courses are multidisciplinary: that is, they contain lessons of different subjects ordered in a logical way.

Through this system, truly satisfying results can be achieved, precisely because everything that is really needed to achieve that particular goal is taught (for example, the Modern Piano course contains lessons in piano as well as in harmony, theory and basic composition elements).