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Do you want to learn how to build the harmonic structure of a musical piece?


Building the harmonic structure of a piece

I would like to present a new cycle of composition lessons which will soon start. Thanks to these lessons, you will finally learn to build the harmonic structure of a piece.

You will be able to put into practice all the notions of harmony and chords which you have learned so far and introduce your music!

Thanks to the help of more than 70 musical examples, you will be able to build a harmonic structure of any piece you want to write, either a song, piano piece, or even something more complexed.

These are some of the many topics which we will see in the lessons:

  1. A simple and logical method to build chord progressions
  2. Understand which is the role of each chord inside the key
  3. How to build harmonic progressionsusing the major scale and principal minor scales
  4. Which are the main features of the chords to vary in order to obtain balance and variety
  5. How and when to use inversions of chords in an effective way
  6. Introduction of new chords thanks to the use of altered degrees
  7. How to mix in an effective way chords of different minor scale
  8. We learn some general methods to build a harmonic structure in a piece
  9. How to differentiate harmony when the music piece is divided into different parts
  10. All the notions that you learn are essential in learning to harmonize a melody.

As you can see there is a multitude of material . This will be seen in a clear and simple way , with the help of more than 70 musical examples.

See you soon!

Would you like to play a piece on the piano?

pianoforte4How to play a piece on the piano

I would like to introduce a new series of video lessons that will be published soon and that will allow you to play a piece on the piano. Finally, after many theoric lessons and technique exercises you will have the satisfaction of playing music .

But the most interesting thing is that performing a piece on the piano is just one of many things that you will learn through these video lessons .

Here there are some:

  •  Playing a piece by reading the piano sheet music

In these video lessons is not going to play it by ear, but you will learn to read notes and play them on the piano.

  • Reading a piano (or keyboard) sheet music

We will analyze the meaning of each symbol and indication written in the music sheet to understands how to put them into practice from the musical point of view .

  • Learning a method to study any piece for piano

Through these video lessons you’ll be able to play a piece by learning to follow a clear study method that can be applied to all the pieces that you want to perform.

  • Learning new concepts related to the study of piano

Thanks to the study of this piece, we’ll introduce new topics ( including the correct fingering, legato, the different intensities of sound, etc . ).