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If you really want to play piano, here you can find hundreds of video tutorials to learn it in depth.

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This is the learning material of our piano courses


110 video lessons

To develop the technique and play complete pieces at the piano, to learn how to play chords and use them to create effective accompaniments.


515 learning videos

Several shots of the keyboard to figure it all out in detail, with the score video and special diagrams so that each topic is learnt and clarified at best.


161 audio podcasts

Each exercise of music reading is supported by a sound file to be able to try again and again. So you’re sure to learn to read correctly, even sitting at home.


45 PDF files

Summary diagrams, pieces to play, melodic examples, but especially hundreds of new exercises to learn music reading, written for each topic in depth.


52 hours of lesson

… That will increase more and more over time. In fact, new lessons are added periodically to which you can access immediately.

Dependign on your interests, you can choose the classical piano course or the contemporary piano course. But you can also follow both!

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