Music Composition Course

Learn to compose your own music

What you learn in this course

This Course is intended only for people who already know Harmony and Theory in depth and want to go deeper into Composition. 

If you are not familiar with Harmony and Theory we suggest you follow the Composition and Harmony Course (click here).

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Important! These lessons are intended for EVERYONE (beginners and professionals) regardless of the instrument played.
The piano examples in some videos are used for greater clarity and their use does NOT require knowledge of the piano technique.

Music Composition Course

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To get the most out of the video lessons, it is advisable to let the brain have time to process the information acquired. 

As happens in every music school, I advise you to follow no more than 1-2 video lessons per week, so as not to overload the brain with too much information.

Rather, spend some time trying to put into practice what you have acquired, perhaps looking at the video lesson after a few days. 

Music is learned only with a lot of practice!