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Non harmonic tones: today we are going to speak about Auxiliary tones

chiave-do5The Auxiliary tones

In the last lesson we spoke about the first type of non harmonic tones: Passing tones.
Thanks to these, we are able to give character to certain types of melody.

In this lesson we will speak about Auxiliary tones and see them more in depth.
The use of Auxiliary tones enables us to give a contrasting characteristic to the melody.

Thanks to this video lesson, other than learning exactly what Auxiliary tones are, you will also learn:

  • What auxiliary tones are
  • What distinguishes them from passing tones
  • What double aux. tones are
  • What chromatic aux. tones are
  • How to compose a melody using only passing and auxiliary tones

Preview of this lesson:

Learning material of this lesson

7 videos 52 mins
Intro 2m 50s
1. The auxiliary tones 11m 56s
2. The double aux. tones 5m 05s
3. The aux. chords 9m 10s
4. The chromatic aux. tones 9m 05s
5. How to compose a melody by using passing tone and aux.  tones pt.1 7m 01s
6. How to compose a melody by using passing tone and aux.  tones pt.2 6m 59s
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