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Music Reading: the tie, dotted notes and other rhythmic figures (Part 4)


Dotted quavers

What are the dotted quavers?

How can we read them?

Today we will focus on this new musical element and we will also introduce a very common rhythmic figure made up of a dotted quaver and a semiquaver:


We will learn in depth how to read and play this figure.

Moreover we will practice by mixing all the different musical elements that we already know with the new rhythmic figur

To make the most of the material in this lesson, I suggest you to read the Introduction page of this cycle of lessons. (go to link).

Have a good lesson!

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 21 mins
1. Introduction to the new lesson 2m 33s
2. The dotted quaver (theory) 2m 41s
3. The dotted quaver (practice) 11m 22s
4. Music reading practice 2m 26s
5. Exercise to play the dotted quaver 2m 08s
+ 1 pdf file
+ 10 audio files
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