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The secret of really understanding modulations: the circle of fifths (part 2)


The fifth relationship

Is there an easy way to know the key signature for every tonality?
The answer of course is yes and today I will show a step by step method to do it.

This is not the only topic we approach today: in fact we will also introduce the ‘fifth relation’ which allows us to understand more in depth modulation and how all the keys are tied to one another.

Have a good lesson!

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 30 mins
1. Introduction to the lesson 4m 07s
2. The fifth relation between major keys 7m 09s
3. The fifth relation between minor keys 3m 36s
4. Key signature and fifth relation 5m 26s
5. A very easy method to find the key signature for any tonality 10m 02s
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