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The dominant seventh chord: here is everything to know (part 1)


The dominant seventh chord

In the previous lessons we learned to build seventh chords either for major and harmonic minor scale.
Now we have to put all of this into practice: we have to learn every type of seventh chord in depth and many other things, in order to use it in the best way.

We start from the strongest of the seventh chords:

The dominant seventh chord

Other than the lesson of today we will see many other subjects which include:

  • how to resolve the seventh
  • how to play seventh chords at the piano/keyboard
  • the complete and the incomplete dominant seventh chord
  • different resolutions of the dominant seventh chord

Learning material of this lesson

7 videos 48 mins
1. The world of seventh chords 3m 30s
2. How do we resolve the seventh in seventh chords? 4m 33s
3. How to play seventh chords at the piano/keyboard 8m 33s
4. A rapid way to find seventh chords at the piano 7m 08s
5. The first resolution of the dominant seventh chord 11m 25s
6. The second resolution of the dominant seventh chord 6m 02s
7. Two considerations on the resolution with interrupted cadence and some practical examples 8m 18s
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