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Music reading: do you want to practice in a very effective way?


Music reading practice

Today we will introduce  a new level of music reading practice.
It is a very important new type of exercise,  which if done correctly will  enable you to read any music sheet at first sight and play it immediately on your instrument.

In reality, despite music reading often being said to be boring and useless, it can be as interesting and exciting as playing the piano or guitar.

The important thing is to understand the basics from the start, combining them with the concepts we have learned up to now. In this lesson you will  also learn a very important way to keep time in order to distinguish beats.

This will be very useful  if you study music reading more in depth and most importantly of all if you want to write music on paper.

Moreover, before  taking a look at all of these topics, we will finish what we started in the last lesson, that is learning to identify beats when the time signature is 3/4 or 2/4.

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 22 mins
1. How to identify beats in 3/4 5m 06s
2. How to identify beats in 2/4 3m 26s
3. How to keep time in order to distinguish beats 8m 48s
4. A new way to keep time and an exercise to learn how to do it 4m 35s
+ 1 pdf file
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