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Chords in minor Keys – we learn to build and use them in an effective way (part 2)

armonia1How to give our music piece an atmosphere that is effective

In the last lesson we learned to build chords in minor keys. Today we will look more closely at what we saw in the last lesson. We will see, depending on the ‘character’ we want to give our music piece, which chords need to be used. Do we want to give our music piece a strong tonal sense? Do we want to give a more ethereal and ambiguous atmosphere? In order to understand how to reach these atmospheres, we have to acquire the knowledge of the types of chords to use. .. This is what we will learn today among various things. Finally, thanks to a practical example, we will see how it is possible to mix different atmospheres in the same music piece. We are at last entering in the heart of the world of harmony!

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 37 mins
Intro 2m 11s
1. Dominant chord and fifth degree chord 8m 22s
2. How to reach a strong tonal sense or a tonal ambiguity. 11m 32s
3. Mixing chords of different minor scales, practice 1 9m 58s
4. Mixing chords of different minor scales, practice 2 6m 00s
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