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Piano, a new piece to learn to play (part 4)


Let’s play the whole piece

Today we will conclude this cycle of lessons in which you played a new piece.

We will focus on a detailed study of the most difficult passages and most importantly we will see the secrets of ‘changing row’.

We are now ready to introduce all the most difficult signs on the sheet music which contribute to make our piece even more musical.
We will see how to perform all the new signs which we analized in the first part of this first cycle of lessons (rall, fermata).

Now you are able to play a new piece  which is more difficult than the first one

Most of all, if you want to play a new piece on your own,  in which you find quavers and accidentals in key signature, you will know what to do.

You might not realize it but you are progressively learning to play the piano!

Learning material of this lesson

8 videos 45 mins
1. The first difficulty of passage of row 6m 24s
2. The second difficulty of passage of row 8m 39s
3. We tie the second and third row 5m 42s
4. Another suggestion for the last change of row 3m 39s
5. We play the whole piece 4m 31s
6. Some advice when studying any piano piece 3m 37s
7. We add expression symbols and dynamics 4m 37s
8. How to interpret new ‘tempo’ symbols and how to play them 7m 35s
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