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Reading notes: are you sure that you know quavers and semiquavers?

solfeggioQuavers and semiquavers

Do you know the meaning of quaver? Do you know exactly what semiquavers are and how they are represented graphically?
They are two notes that need to be known perfectly in order to read music notes with their correct duration.

Today I will explain why quavers and semiquavers are introduced and how they are used. We will learn how to read these notes in a bar.
So after today’s lesson you will be able to recognize the principal symbols that express the duration of a sound, essential in learning to read a piano sheet music or of any other instrument.

In order to put into practice what we have learnt so far in these lessons, we will do many exercises by combining notes of different duration. Thanks to the new interactive didactic system, you will be able to practise on your own and later check your answers.

Just like a real lesson!

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Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 35 mins
Introduction 2m 35s
1. What are quavers and how to read them 9m 54s
2. What are semiquavers and how to read them 8m 27s
3. Practice pt.1 8m 10s
4. Practice pt.2 7m 09s
+1 pdf file
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