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Piano, let’s learn to play a piece (part 2)

pianoforte4How can we read the pitch of the notes?

In today’s lesson we will see more depth our piano piece!
We will try to understand how to read notes on the sheet music before playing them on the piano.

As playing is often difficult, it is better, before sitting at the piano, to know exactly which notes to play. In this way we learn where to place the beats which are the basis of reading notes. Once we have placed the beats, it is very easy (thanks to what we learnt in the music reading lesson) to know how to read the notes with their correct duration.

Since to play our music piece we need to know the pitch of the notes, we will learn to read the same notes in treble clef, which are normally used to indicate the notes played by the right hand.

So after today’s lesson, you will have learnt something very important in order to play many music pieces at the piano.

Preview of this lesson:

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 38 mins
Intro 3m 22s
1. The second step of our study method: simplify as much as possible the sheet music 3m 17s
2. How to place the beats 11m 51s
3. We determine the exact duration of the notes 10m 13
4. How to learn the exact pitch of the notes in treble clef. 10m 27s
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