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How to build seventh chords (part 2)


Let’s learn how to build seventh chords

In the lesson today we wil take a close look at seventh chords.
Why are these chords so important?
Because they allow us to widen greatly our sonoric range.

They are in fact dissonant chords, each with different characteristics.
Today we will learn to build seventh chords on harmonic minor scale and analyse them one by one. We will moreover see seven different kinds of seventh chords.

Indeed we will try to understand which are the characterists and what distinguishes them from each other.
We will also find a way to name each chord in order to distinguish them rapidly.
All this will be done in-depth but also in a simple and clear way to enable you to follow each step.

In this way, you will understand all seventh chords and learn to use them as you please.

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 18 mins
1. The characteristics of seventh chords 1m 37s
2. The first 4 types of seventh chords 4m 53s
3. The other three types of seventh chords 4m 50s
4. How to name seventh chords 6m 24s
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