Reading notes practice (part 1)

solfeggioHow can we read notes with the right rhythm?

In the previous lessons we learnt the most important symbols to represent the duration of sound.

Now we have to put into practice what we have learnt.

So how do we read notes? When we find a series of notes of different duration, how do we read them with the right rhythm? Today, through a series of exercises, we will learn to read of one or more bars while keeping time.

You will also learn other fundamental notions including:

  • how to read and play written notes, starting immediately with a right and precise “tempo” (speed)
  • how to find the right “tempo” to practice and perform.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 32 mins
Intro 2m 48s
1. Basic practice 1 (crotchets, minimes, semibreves) 7m 15s
2. Basic practice 2 (quavers and semiquavers) 3m 32s
3. How to find the right “tempo” to practice and perform 8m 47s
4. Practice with other rhythmic figures 9m 27s


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