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Do you want to know how to make your melodies more interesting and agile? (Part 1)

chiave-do5How to make a melody more interesting

In the precedent lessons we spoke about non harmonic tones. These notes however, in the costruction of our melody, allow us to obtain only steps between adjacent degrees of the scale we are using.

A good melody is not only done between adjacent steps but a furher element is necessary to give variety.

So what is this element of variety?

It is the disjunt motion.

How can we obtain disjunct motion in the composition of our melodies without using only the chord notes?
It is what you will learn in these lessons in which the first non harmonic tones will be introduced allowing us to obtain disjunct motion and to make our melodies even more interesting.

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 29 mins
1. Why disjunct motions are so important? 3m 33s
2. Anticipations: what they are and how to use them 7m 57s
3. A further element of variety for our melodies: indirect anticipations 7m 34s
4. How to compose a melody using anticipations 10m 06s
+ 1 pdf files
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