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Tension or rest? Here are the chords that allow you to have this effect


Consonant and dissonant chords

Have you ever heard a piece of music and noticed that a chord has a sense of stability and relax, to be immediately followed by another chord with characteritics of tension and movement?

Music is made up of alternation between rest and tension and for this reason we must find chords to express these two characteristics.

In today’s lesson, we will see consonant and dissonant chords. In this way, when we must choose which chords use, we will know which are their characteristic, either tension or stability.

Most of all, this lesson will be a fundamentali introduction to a new and more important chapter: seventh chords.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 20 mins
1. Consonant and dissonant chords 5m 21s
2. Consonant triads in major scales 2m 59s
3. Dissonant triads in major scales 3m 19s
4. Consonant and dissonant chords in minor scales 5m 58s
5. Here is how to obtain other dissonant chords 2m 31
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