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The diminished seventh chord: a big harmonic resource


The diminished seventh chord

What is it that makes the diminished seventh chord unique?
Its enormous harmonic flexibility.

This chord built on a minor scale grade by superposing thirds, can be used in many other situations.
It is a wildcard in the world of harmony

Perhaps the most fascinating thing about this chord is that it allows us to put into practice everything about enharmonic relation.
As we shall understand in this lesson, the diminished seventh chord is the key to modulate easily, in particular with cases in which this would be very difficult.

In order to understand how all of this is possible and to learn all the characteristics of this chord in-depth, you only have to follow this lesson.

If you have not already done so, I suggest you watch:

Learning material of this lesson

7 videos 40 mins
1. Leading tone seventh chord and half-diminshed seventh chord 4m 12s
2. The diminished seventh chord 9m 26s
3. Why the diminished seventh chord has such a strong tension 4m 42s
4. Extended use of the chord 5m 30s
5. The case of third minors: any part we look at it, the chord is exactly the same 5m 32s
6. How enharmonic relation allows the change of the chord 5m 30s
7. The diminished seventh chord: not only one, but… four different chords 5m 34s
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