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The dominant seventh chord: here is everything to know (part 2)


Inversions of dominant seventh chord

What are the possibilities with the new seventh chords which we have built on a major and minor scale?
Today we will try to answer this question.

For example by using inversions of seventh chords we will introduce some new tools.
Remember the case of triads: the possibility to change the note in the bass offered very important harmonic resources.

In the lesson today we will try to understand how the inversions work in the case of dominant seventh chord and which are the best ways to resolve them.

We will also see how to apply non-harmonic tones which we studied during the composition course.

As you can see we are advancing in the study of harmony and new horizons are opening up before us.

Let’s start exploring!

Learning material of this lesson

6 videos 31 mins
1. The dominant seventh in harmonic minor scale 8m 12s
2. The inversions in dominant seventh 4m 13s
3. How to call inversions in dominant seventh 4m 19s
4. The resolution of inversions in dominant seventh 6m 30s
5. How to resolve inversions in harmonic minor scale and some practical examples 3m 00s
6. The passing seventh 7m 02s
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