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Piano, a new piece to learn to play (part 2)


How to study hands separate

In the previous lesson, we analized in depth all the part relative to the sheet music of the new piece and mostly we learned to read the notes in a corret way.

Today we wil transfer all this knowledge to the piano!

Other than the fingering which as you know is fundamental to play a piece well, we will learn to play hands separate.

We will also try to understand how to move along the keyboard when playing a piece in which the black keys have to be used.

Since the piece we are studying starts to show new difficulties, it will be necessary to learn how to use the metronome correctly.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 30 mins
1. Identify the notes on our keyboard 7m 19s
2. Learn the correct fingering 4m 51s
3. How to set the hands correctly to play this piece 7m 20s
4. How to play hands separate and learning to use the metronome correctly 6m 55s
5. A trick to use the metronome when studying with a very slow tempo 3m 43s
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