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Composition: here are the notes that make your music more effective (part 3)


How to change the harmonic perception of a chord

‘Appoggiatura’ has the power to change the whole harmonic result?

  • What does this mean?
  • How can we obtain some very effective harmonic results even by using only simple chords?

Today we will answer all these questions.
But maybe the most important aspect of this lesson is that we will start understanding the relationship between harmony and melody in depth.

Moreover we will learn to prepare ‘appoggiatur’a in different ways depending on the strength that we need to give our melody in that moment.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 32 mins
1. Introduction to the new lesson 4m 32s
2. How ‘appoggiatura’ changes the harmonic perception 7m 31s
3. Other ways of changing harmony by using ‘appoggiatura’ 6m 35s
4. How to use ‘appoggiatura’ by step 6m 14s
5. How to use ‘appoggiatura’ by skip 8m 33s
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