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Piano, a new piece to learn to play (part 1)


Let’s learn to play the second piano piece

Today we will start a new cycle of lessons in which you will learn to play the second piece at the piano.
Thanks to the study of this, we will put into practice many things that we have already learned

So let’s see which are the main new things. We will:

  • learn to play new figures such as the quavers
  • also use the black keys
  • get used to changes of rhythms of the melody
  • learn to develop a greater hands independence
  • introduce new graphic signs (the fermata..)
  • learn to use the metronome in the study of piano pieces

These are only some of the things that you will learn studying this new piece, other than the great satisfaction of playing a new piano piece

So I will stop talking and have a good lesson!

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 31 mins
1. Presentation of the piece 5m 39s
2. We analize the sheet music, learn to interpret the accidentals in key signature and other
new things
4m 40s
3. Reading the notes with their correct duration 9m 42s
4. Now we are able to read the single parts 11m 20s
+ 1 pdf file
... to continue this video lesson

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