The major scales: how to remember every note at any time


The major scales

It’s not an easy task to remember every musical scale of the tonal system by heart.
Sometimes, especially for the scale in tonalities  far apart from the C, it’s difficult to remember if a note is either sharp or flat or if it’s natural.
There is a very simple system that lets you remember at any time every note of every scale.
Today we will be discussing major scales.

Interval, whole tone, half tone

This system is based on the concepts of musical interval, whole tone and half tone.
In the next videos I will try to explain these concepts in a simple fashion at the piano, which will empower you to do the following:

  • Find at any given time every note of every major scale (we will take into consideration minor scales later on in the course) without having to pull out manuals or charts.
  • Start to move the first steps in the world of harmony and chords, which are both based on the concept of musical interval.
  • Understand in depth the most important aspects of theory and musical practice.

So let’s start talking of major scales… of course in the next videos.

Learning material of this lesson

6 videos 23 mins
1. 1.What is a musical interval 3m 01s
2. The half tone and how to find it on a piano or guitar 3m 23s
3. The whole tone 3m 05s
4. How to find every note of every major scale 6m 05s
5. Practice 1: the G major scale 4m 21s
6. Practice 2: the E flat major scale 3m 26s
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