Scale and tonality, the two keys to really understand the chords


Scale and tonality

To better learn music theory, harmony and chords it’s important to introduce two essential concepts:

  • scale
  • tonality

So in the today videolesson I will try to explain the two concepts of scales and tonality that will be the concepts that wil enlighten us and allow us to understand the relationship between the different chords.

Via these two concepts you will see how chords will shine under a new light for you and most importantly you will be able to build all the chords you want easily.

These two concepts will also be the main tools to learn music theory in depth.

Then we will explain other important concepts as tonic, dominant and leading note. These all are some very important degrees of a scale and their knowledge will be fundamental to uderstand the world of Harmony and chords.

In the following videos we approach these concepts.

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 18 mins
1. The musical scale 2m 39s
2. The tonality 3m 48s
3. The role of notes in different tonalities 4m 58s
4. Chords and tonality 6m 12s
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