Musical intervals, how to properly name them (third part)

IMMAGINE-PENTAGRAMMA4Minor, augmented and diminished intervals

In the last lesson we learned to recognize the perfect and major intervals. You will surely have heard of many other interval types: minor, augmented and diminished intervals…

In what way can we recognize these types of intervals?

Today we will look at this topic not only in an in depth way but also in a simple one so that you will be able to learn the method of recognizing in any moment all the possible intervals. This will be crucial not only in the study of musical theory but also and mainly in understanding chords and harmony in general.

If you have followed these lessons you will be sure to enter totally (highfive) in the world of harmony! I suggest that to get the most from this lesson , to print the pdf file which you can find attached at the end of the video.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 42 mins
Intro 1m 26s
1. Above and below major intervals 13m 17s
2. Above and below perfect intervals 11m 00s
3. Practice 10m 58s
4. How to find the specific name for intervals wider than one octave 5m 47s
+ 3 pdf files


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