Musical intervals, how to properly name them (second part)

IMMAGINE-PENTAGRAMMA4Major and perfect intervals

In today’s lesson we will start to learn the specific name of intervals.
In fact it is not enough to know that an inteval is fourth or seventh but we have to add other information in order to have a complete name.

All this is really important to be able to enter the world of chords and harmony. We will speak of diminished seventh chords, augmented sixth, dominant seventh and diminished fifth.
It is crucial for you to be able to recognize the intervals which are part of the chords so you will have to know how to identify both the general and specific name.

In this lesson, I will teach a very simple method which allows you to identify quickly on the piano any type of interval, even the most complexed ones.
Furthermore you will find a printable pdf table which will help you follow these lessons and in the future be able to identify the specific name of an interval.

To understand as much as possible in these lessons, I suggest you first attend the following lessons:

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 26 mins
Intro 2m 24s
1. The specific name of an interval 5m 33s
2. Major intervals 7m 55s
3. Perfect intervals 9m 42s


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