The harmonic colour; what it is and how to change it with seventh chords


How to change harmonic colour through the use of seventh chords

Today we will conclude our journey in the world of seventh chords and this will be done in a more than one hour lesson, rich in content.
This is practically a double lesson!!

Indeed today we will speak of lots of topics including:

  • Major seventh chords
  • Minor major seventh chords and augmented major seventh chords
  • The passage seventh in secondary seventh chords
  • How the use of secondary chords has changed during the course of time
  • How to change harmonic colour through the use of seventh chords.
  • We learn to improve chord progressions with seventh chords.
  • How to represent seventh chords graphically in classical writing.
  • The notation of seventh chords in pop music.

As you can see, the material is very much, so let’s get down to the videos.

Have a good lesson!

Learning material of this lesson

7 videos 41 mins
1. Minor major seventh chords 8m 37s
2. Augmented major seventh chords 3m 54s
3. The passage seventh: a case in which ‘preparation’ is not necessary 3m 53s
4. Seventh chords, a way to obtain different harmonic colours 5m 08s
5. How to modify chord progressions thanks to the use of the seventh 4m 21s
6. How to represent graphically seventh chords 9m 04s
7. The notation of seventh chords in pop music 5m 44s
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