The leading tone seventh chord: here is the chord that allows your music to have a magical atmosphere


How to use the leading tone seventh chord

Among the seventh chords, the leading tone seventh chord is maybe the most fascinating.
It is in fact a chord with a very particular atmosphere and difficult to define just as it is usually difficult to define music.

Today we will get to know in-depth the leading seventh chord in order for you to use it correctly in your composition.
Here are some of the things you will learn in this lesson:

How to resolve the leading seventh chord

How to get the most out of inversions

Should we use the passing seventh?

The direct and indirect resolution

Before introducing the leading seventh chord, we will conclude dominant seventh by looking at when it is best to use it and in which musical situation it gives the best results.

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 31 mins
1. When to use dominant seventh chord and why it has a strong tension 4m 45s
2. Seventh chords on the seventh degree 4m 13s
3. The leading tone seventh chord and how to play it at the piano 4m 41s
4. Resolutions of leading tone seventh chord 7m 51s
5. Inversions of leading tone seventh chord 10m 04s
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