Why are there three types of minor scales and how to find all the notes (Part 2)

IMMAGINE-PENTAGRAMMA4How to find all the notes of the minor scales

Today I will show you a sure method which will enable you to find instantly the notes of all three types of minor scales.
As you will see, this will be very useful in all cases, not only in harmony and composition but also in playing scales at the piano or on other instruments … It will no longer be necessary to memorize the notes or find them on the music piece. In each moment you will be able to find them on your own.

The relations between musical scales

However I think this lesson is fundamental also for another reason: The introduction of three minor scales will open the door to another universe. Thanks to these minor scales, everything from harmony to composition will appear differently. The simple introduction of minor scales offers many new opportunities. So let’s start exploring this new universe…

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6 videos 48 mins
Intro 1m 15s
1. How to find all the notes of minor scales pt.1 8m 12s
2. How to find all the notes of minor scales pt.2 7m 30s
3. Two examples of applying this method 11m 22s
4. The minor keys 9m 00s
5. The relations between major and minor scales 12m 07s
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