Chords in minor Keys – we learn to build and use them in an effective way (part 1)

armonia1Building chords in minor keys

Up to now we have only talked about major keys.
Now, to look at harmony more in depth, we also consider minor keys and as you can see in this way we will discover a new world.

In fact we will learn to build chords at the piano using minor scales.

But the problem is:

Which minor scale should we use to build chords?

Today we will answer this question and learn to use chords in a minor key which will give us many new opportunities.
To understand how important this topic is, I want to point out that in pop music we often use chords of minor keys.

Since this topic is very important, I have divided this lesson into 2 parts, in order to understand it more in depth.

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Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 31 mins
Intro 2m 40s
1. Building chords in a minor key 7m 10s
2. How to build chords using the harmonic and melodic minor scale 10m 08s
3. How to use all these chords in a very effective way 11m 18s
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3 thoughts on “Chords in minor Keys – we learn to build and use them in an effective way (part 1)

  1. subashok

    Indeed the theory part is very informative, which, I find useful, however, the talking seems to be overly repetitive in all areas, whereas, I find less stuff in action and practical. If talking is to be reduced and having embellished the concept in an effective way, would surely be distinctive. Cheers, Ashok from Calgary, Canada

    1. Francesco L'Erario Post author

      Hi Ashok, thank you for your comment and suggestion.
      We’re working to make our video lessons as smooth and useful as possible. I think that the following ones are less repetitive and with more practice.
      Best regards.
      Francesco L’Erario

  2. Tensaxer

    Hi Francesco,
    I have found a way that takes me back into a clear way of moving between video lessons. I how ever find it confusing, the movement into the next series after the completed lesson. Perhaps a road map indicating which lesson should be done next.
    Often, trying to reach the next set of videos, within a series, lands me back at lessons or sections I have completed. A ” start here/finished would help.
    Over all, I am enjoying the instructions.

    Robert Beasley


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