Piano, let’s learn to play a piece (part 1)

pianoforte4How to play a piece at the piano

Today we start the journey that will finally take us to play the first piece at the piano!
As I have already told you in the presentation of this lesson cycle, this is only one of the many things you’ll be learning.

The first thing we will focus on today will be studying the sheet music of the piece we want to play quite deeply.
A sheet music indeed contains a lot of info that are essential to play the piece in the best of ways.
First off we must understand how to read the notes with their correct duration and pitch.
And then we must know the meaning of all the symbols that the sheet music holds.

How to read the sheet music

After the first video, then, in which I will explain the intricacies of how this lesson cycle will be carried out, we will step into the music and we will learn to read the sheet music so that we understand every symbol and sign that it holds.
We will also be seeing the first of the study method that I will be teaching in these video lessons that will also come useful when trying to play any other song in the future.
It doesn’t end here!

An ineractive learning method

In fact, starting today, we will use a new teaching and learning method to make these lessons even more interactive: thanks to this new method you’ll be able to play the keyboard or the piano during the video lesson, so that you can play live what I’ll be showing you from time to time.
Before saying goodbye, let me remind you that you can find the sheet music of the piece which we will study in a pdf format.

To better understand this and the following lessons I recommend you watch this lesson first:

The duration of sound: the bar and its’ beats, the first notes, rests

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 37 mins
1. How to learn to play a piece at the piano. Introduction to the video lessons 9m 54s
2. The first step of our study method: analyzing the sheet music 9m 56s
3. How to read the dynamics 8m 49s
4. Slurs and fingering 7m 54s
+ 1 pdf files

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