Piano, let’s learn to play a piece (part 3)

pianoforte4How to read notes in bass clef

Today’s lesson is really very important! First of all we will learn to read notes in bass clef, something that is always rather tricky and difficult for those who are starting to play the piano.

I will show you a very simple way to identify the corresponding note to middle C and from this find all the other written notes in bass clef. At this point , once that you are able to read all notes in treble clef and bass clef, we will go onto identify the notes of the music piece which we have to play.

We will try to read them with the right rhythm. In this way, every detail written on the sheet music will be perfectly clear and so we will then be able to bring all this knowledge to the piano.

We start playing our piano piece

We are now ready to play our music piece. To do this, we still need to learn one thing: how do we identify middle C on a piano? I will therefore teach you different ways to identify middle C both on the classic piano and on a five octaves keyboards.

In this way, you will be able to start playing a music piece on any type of keyboard or piano. For any other music piece you want to play, there will not be any doubt on how to refer to your fundamental note (nota fondamentale di riferimento): the Middle C.
From now on we are able to start from middle C, identifying all the notes of the music piece on the keyboard. This is exactly what we will do in the last part of the lesson!

As you can see, apart from showing you how to play the music piece which we are studying, these video lessons progressively give you the necessary knowledge to be able to play other pieces

Learning material of this lesson

6 videos 30 mins
Intro 1m 17s
1. Learning read the notes in bass clef 5m 47s
2. now we can identify all the notes on our sheet music 8m 03s
3. Reading the notes of our music piece with the right rhythm, duration and pitch 8m 59s
4. How to identify Middle C on any keyboard and piano 2m 46s
5. Finding all the notes of the music piece on the piano 3m 09s
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