Piano, how to play a succession of notes using all the fingers


How to play a melody

Imagine sitting at your piano and wanting to play a melody using all of your five fingers.

Can you do that?

Do you know the correct technique that allows you to play, for example, a succession of notes with multiple fingers?

Today we will be approaching this issue, but we will take it through some steps; in fact, before reaching the succession of multiple notes, you’ll learn how to correctly lower a key of the piano with a single finger, which will have to be able to sustain the weight of your arm.

And before that, we will discuss how the various fingers are shown in the musical sheets.

At the end of this lesson you will have learned three very important things;

  • what is the “fingering” for piano
  • How to play a single note using the weight of your limbs
  • how to play a succession of notes using the whole array of five fingers

If you haven’t seen them yet, for a better comprehension of the current lesson I suggest watching the following lessons before undertaking this one:

Piano, give me half an hour and I’ll explain the correct position of the hands
Piano, paying attention at how you sit down to play

Learning material of this lesson

3 videos 18 mins
1. The fingering 3m 30s
2. Playing single notes 5m 53s
3. Playing a succession of notes 8m 04s
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