Piano, I will explain the correct hand position: only in half an hour


The correct piano technique

Do you want to learn the correct position and setting of the hands to play the piano?
Today we are beginning a series of videolessons during which I will try to help you learn the correct piano technique which will allow you to play songs of various degrees of difficulty.

Let’s develop the correct position of the hands from the beginning

Thanks to the routines and exercises I will show you during the course, you’ll be able to learn to keep your hands on the keyboard but most importantly you will not risk learning and developing an incorrect position which would be difficult to correct later on in your studies.
First off you will see and realize that playing the piano does not mean “pushing” the keys, by exerting a muscular force.
That’s because to lower the keys you will only be using the weight of your arms.
You will see how in the correct piano technique the muscles at work are a very small number.

For the time being, I don’t want to give too many spoilers … you’ll find everything in the videos on this page!

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 26 mins
Intro 4m 31s
1. Why learn the correct technique on a table 1m 54s
2. The correct hand position 6m 48s
3. The position of the hands from different video shots 3m 56s
4. Two preparatory exercises 8m 08s
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2 thoughts on “Piano, I will explain the correct hand position: only in half an hour

  1. 1ne-2wo-3hree

    An excellent video with clear explanation of, what must be, one of the most essential techniques to learning to play the piano correctly. No other piano playing videos I’ve watched explain and demonstrate it so well. Many thanks


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