Piano, the thumb passage technique (part 1) and music reading in bass clef 1


How to play a succession of more than 5 notes

Today, we will start a very important subject – the thumb passage technique.

This is a fundamental piano technique which will allow you to carry out succession of more than 5 notes. It makes up the basis to learning scales!

However this technique must be learned immediately and in the correct way.
Very often, people who start learning the piano on their own do not go through this passage correctly.
This causes a series of problems which are difficult to resolve, so today we will see in-depth how to carry out the thumb passage technique correctly.

Furthermore, we will start music reading in bass clef through specific exercises which can be printed out along with the audio files.
Have a good lesson!

Learning material of this lesson

6 videos 18 mins
1. How to play a succession of more than 5 notes 3m 01s
2. The thumb passage technique and how not to carry it out 3m 38s
3. First two phases of the technique 3m 17s
4. Third phase of the technique 1m 55s
5. Return of the third finger 1m 19s
6. Introduction of music reading exercises in bass clef 5m 05s
+ 1 pdf file
+ 6 audio files
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