Piano, here is the essential exercise to start playing hands-together

pianoforte4The first exercise to start playing hands-together

Thanks to today’s lesson and the next piano lessons, you will finally be able to start playing by using both hands from the beginning.

In fact, in this lesson I will show you in a very clear way the exercise that forms the basic of all piano technique: this exercise will let you learn, through practice, the shift of weight between one finger and the other, using both hands at the same time.

Thanks to today’s video lessons and the exercise shown within you’ll be able to;

  1. Put into practice what you’ve learned up to today, finally playing the piano or keyboard.
  2. Get the hands used to the weight shifts between one finger and the other (a technique essential to the playing of a succession of notes)
  3. Develop a perfect coordination between the two hands from the start, since the exercise is done “hands-together”. (This is expecially important if up to now you have been playing with the right hand more than with the left hand, and you feel the latter to be weaker, this exercise will help you equalize the two hands’ technique)
  4. Learn how to keep a steady tempo from the start, without picking up the pace or slowing down (tank to the way the exercise is carried out)

My advice is to do this exercise as often as possible, even for a few minutes every day.

Consistency and regular practice are fundamentals to developing any kind of musical technique: you’ll see that if you follow my advice, in a short time your hands will be set in the right position and ready to play the first songs at the piano.

And this will be an enormous satisfaction!

Learning material of this lesson

3 videos 31 mins
1. Two preparatory exercises 10m 24s
2. …the real exercise, finally! 12m 43s
3. Let’s make the exercise wholesome by adding all combinations 8m 00s
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