The secret of really understanding modulations: the circle of fifths (part 1)


How to understand relations between keys

What does ‘to modulate’ mean?
‘Modulation’ is the switching from one key to another.

Up to now in our video lessons we have worked only in one key at a time, but when we compose we often need to switch from one key to another. In order to be able to modulate in the right way, we need to understand in depth relationships between the different tonalities which are all tied together.

For this reason today we will start learning relations between keys that will allow us to understand modulations in depth.

Learning material of this lesson

6 videos 29 mins
1. The relations between tonalities 3m 17s
2. Different keys, common notes 6m 40s
3. A typical feature of tonalities, the key signature 4m 52s
4. Flat keys 3m 55s
5. The key signature for minor keys: permanent and temporary accidentals 4m 18s
6. Relations between major and minor keys 6m 13s
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