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Triad inversions, the secret to have more variety in harmony


Why is the inversion so important in harmony?

Have you ever heard of triad inversions? First of all, I would like to say that inversions are NOT the different positions  in which you can play the chords, as many people believe.
It is rather a very important topic which we will see in today’s lesson.  Furhermore, the introductions of inversions is a fundamental step in our course of harmony and chords.

Thanks to the concepts that I will explain today,  after this lesson,   we will have a much wider view of what we have learned about chords up to now.  We will also introduce  different chord inversions which you will be able to put into practice in any moment.

Before defining clearly the inversion we have to introduce another important element which up to now has been left out … Moreover, in order to understand today’s lesson better, I will explain in detail the ‘overtones theory‘.

For the moment I prefer not to use many words as the videos  will show you in detail.

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 26 mins
Intro 1m 48s
1. We introduce a new and crucial element 4m 02s
2. The overtones theory and its importance in harmony 6m 29s
3. Triad inversions 5m 49s
4. How inversions allow us to have many new tools 7m 50s


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