Harmony, how to analyse the chords of four very famous songs

armonia1How to analyse the chords of 4 very famous songs

In the lesson today, we will finally put into practice everything that we have learnt about chords, by analysing the chords of 4 very famous songs.

There is not much sense in studying harmony only through theory, so through the harmonic analysis of four very famous songs, we will start to understand the logic underlying the composition of songs.

Moreover, looking at the structure of chords (F Major and E minor etc), not in absolute terms but in relation to the degrees of major and minor scales on which they are built, we will discover the similarities among songs which apparently seem very different from each other.

We are going to the heart of harmony,  looking at it more in-depth and most of all discovering the logic which is  the basis of building chord progressions.

In the lesson today, we will analyse closely the first three songs which are all written in major keys while in the next lesson, we will study the fourth song which chords are built in minor key.

As you will see, in the next lesson we will introduce a new concept which allows to understand better the relation between chords.

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