Composition: here are the notes that make your music more effective (part 1)


The ‘appoggiatura’

Today we start a new cycle of video lessons that will allow you to learn very effective kind of notes that should be used to compose a great melody.

There are many reasons why these notes are so fascinating, but maybe the most important is that:

these notes can change the whole harmonic result.

Remember, all great songs are made up of notes like these!
For this reason we need to know them in depth and how to use them in the right way.

To make the most of this lesson, I suggest you to watch the following lesson (if you haven’t already done):

Strong beat and weak beat, rhythmic accents, downbeat and upbeat

Learning material of this lesson

6 videos 40 mins
1. Introduction to the new cycle of videolessons 2m 06s
2. Non harmonic tones and strong beats 7m 40s
3. What is the ‘appoggiatura’? 8m 58s
4. How to use ‘appoggiatura’ on secondary strong beats 7m 53s
5. Ascending ‘appoggiatura’ 7m 36s
6. Hot to mix different kinds of ‘appoggiatura’ 6m 15s
+ 1 pdf file
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