You’re finding it difficult to write a melody? Here’s something that can help you!


How to write a melody

Chords and harmony are an extremely important part of composition, but of course they’re aren’t everything!
Another important part is the melody, and it isn’t always easy to write a melody.
You might have found yourself from time to time, while playing the piano or the guitar, in the situation where you found a very interesting sequence of chords, and not being able to compose a vocal melody on which you could sing.

The “non-harmonic tones”

We will begin today with a series of video lessons that approach the so-called “non-harmonic tones”, which will help you a lot in composition and writing arrangements.

In today’s videos we will approach two themes in particular:

  1. Why are “non-harmonic tones” so important when writing music?
  2. What are non-harmonic tones?


Learning material of this lesson

3 videos 15 mins
1. The relationship between harmony and melody 7m 18s
2. Composing a melody on a sequence of chords 3m 43s
3. The non-harmonic tones 3m 54s
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