Composition: here are the notes that make your music more effective (part 7)


How to use suspensions effectively

Suspensions, just like ‘appoggiatura’, are a very important tool to give our music an interesting flavor. If we analiyze some good songs, we can notice how these notes are essential to make that music so effective.

But to be able to use them in the right way, it is essential to know them in depth.
For this reason in today’s lesson we will cover many topics such as:

  • Which are the main differences between suspension and ‘appoggiatura’
  • The resolution of a suspension on other weak beats
  • The relationship between preparation and suspension
  • How to use ascending suspensions
  • How we can change the whole harmonic result by using suspensions

Learning material of this lesson

5 videos 34 mins
1. ‘Appoggiatura’ and suspensions 6m 29s
2. How to resolve a suspension on other weak beats, obtaining a great result 9m 57s
3. Let’s start using ascending suspensions 6m 32s
4. Simultaneous suspensions 5m 44s
5. How to change a chord by using suspensions 4m 54s
+ 1 pdf file
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