Piano, the thumb passage technique (part 3) and music reading in bass clef 3


Thumb passage, the 9 most common mistakes

In the last lesson we saw the first exercise to learn the technique of thumb passage.

In starting to learn a piano technique, people often make many mistakes.

It is very important to identify these errors as soon as possible, in order to avoid developing movements which are not correct.

Today we will see the 9 most common errors which are made in carrying out this piano exercise.

Therefore you will be able to see if you are making any mistakes in doing the exercise and immediately try to correct it. I will also show you a second and very important exercise to learn this technique.

Finally there will be some new music reading exercises in bass clef.
Let’s get started!

N.B: Please see link below for the introduction video containing the explanation of music reading exercises in bass clef:

Introduction of music reading in bass clef

Learning material of this lesson

6 videos 17 mins
1. Introduction of the lesson 1m 37s
2. Errors 1 and 2 2m 20s
3. Errors 3, 4 and 5 3m 23s
4. Errors 6 and 7 2m 27s
5. Errors 8 and 9 3m 28s
6. The second exercise to learn the thumb passage technique 4m 16s
+ 1 pdf file
+ 8 audio files
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