Piano – here are the exercises to learn to play the black keys (part 1)

pianoforte4How to play the black keys

Up to now, in our piano lessons we have used only white keys which correspond to natural notes  (corresponding to C major scale).

Obviously we often have to play a written sheet music with some sharps or flats key signature. Even if these accidentals are not written in key, they may sometimes appear during the piece.

This happens very frequently.

It is necessary to begin to play the black keys immediately in order to make sure that in the future we don’t find ourselves not being able to play something in which the use of these is required.

As you will surely have noticed, the black keys are very different from the white ones. It is therefore necessary to understand how to use them and most importantly of all to have an exercise which applies the technique of using  black keys 

This is what we will learn in this lesson although it will not be the only topic.

I will in fact teach you another important exercise to be applied to the white keys and which will enable you to start playing more notes with the same hand and at the same time.
Moreover this excercise will allow you to avoid the main mistake which people make when starting to play the piano.

Learning material of this lesson

4 videos 17 mins
1. Two new exercises 3m 47s
2. The white key exercise to practice playing more notes with the same hand at the same time 4m 49s
3. The exercise to learn the correct technique of playing black keys 5m 00s
4. Some considerations on new exercises 3m 32s
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